Professional Services

Data Network Consulting

Designing a network is not the easiest thing to do, particularly in the performance vs. security question.  We can help you make the choices that best fit your business by evaluating your present network, applications, user needs, security vulnerabilities and performance metrics. Upon completion of this, we will create a strategy around your business goals that allow for growth and change.

Datacenter Solutions

We have spent years working for datacenter solutions providers and have seen that it’s difficult to find the right solution with so many seemingly available.  Datacenter solutions come down to more than the “co-location portion” (space, power and security along with the “three P’s-people, policies and procedures”). A typical solution involves a business continuity plan along with high availability. Factor in data storage and archiving, which often are driven by regulatory compliance, and the task becomes more formidable. We will work with you to assess your current strategy and find a solution that improves your disaster recovery plan, primary operations, or provides the regulatory compliance need to keep you in business.
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