About Us


Since 2001, IBS has helped companies large and small make better decisions regarding their telecommunications. IBS was founded by Eric Blaier, who has held sales and sales management roles with Allnet Communications, Telco/Teleglobe, Allegiance Telecom, AT&T and Equinix during his career. Eric was an original hire at Allegiance Telecom, where he ran a sales team that helped establish the company footprint in the Atlanta market.

The company originally focused upon communications services, but as the market developed and the world became more data-centric, we began to offer security and business continuity products and services to our clients.

Integrated Business Services takes a neutral position in client vendor selection, as we seek partnerships with leading technology providers that can supply superior solutions for the best value.

We offer services in a wide range of fields including data networking solutions, high speed internet access, and disaster recovery planning. Contact us today to learn how Integrated Business Services can help your business.

BBB Accredited Business
We are a BBB Accredited Business.