Web and Audio Conferencing Services

Reduce travel, improve both collaboration and communication while reducing your expense!

ReadyConference Plus:

An audio conferencing solution that comes with a dedicated dial-in number and a pass code for unlimited reservationless meetings will give you a convenient solution for your needs.

We partner with Premiere Global Services, the premium conferencing and collaboration provider in the world, as well as other leading providers.

Standard Features:
Up to 125 participants
Reservationless calling
Unique host and participant passcodes
Global Call Capabilities
24/7 Operator Assistance

Audio Control Features:
Keypad shortcuts (star controls)
Dial-out access
Recording and Replay on CD on audio file
Optional Security Codes
Up to 9 sub-conferences

Whether you are a small business or an large corporate user, we will have an audio conferencing solution to fit your needs.

Web Conferencing Services:

Use live web conferencing in conjunction with an audio conference to cut travel expenses, enhance collaboration on a project, or to better present to prospects in a virtual setting.

Real Time Collaboration Tools:
Have you ever been bored on a conference call? The answer for most of us is, absolutely. NetSpoke features an attendee mood indicator that allows participants to ask presenters to either speed up or slow down, show approval or disagreement, and raise their hand for questions. This tool can make all the difference in the effectiveness of the presentation.

Other web conferencing features include sharing applications, web cam videos and record synchronized presentations for later playback. Conduct audience polling, live and Q&A and online chat.

Easy Interactive Tools:
Integrated audio and web
Personal meeting rooms
Online host controls
Share live video via webcam
Desktop and document sharing
Automated dial-out capability
Attendee Mood indicators
Live Help via chat

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