Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity Consulting

Integrated Business Services can prepare your company for that day you hope never comes but inevitably will-the day that the core systems go down and the need for High Availability becomes reality. Disaster Recovery Planning is one the most important IT considerations for any company and the best solutions are a result of proper planning. Integrated Business Services team of consultants can introduce your company to some very creative ways to prevent mission-critical applications from experiencing downtime. We work with leading companies such as NeverFail Group, Dell, vmWare, TelX, Quality Technology Services and Equinix.

According to a recent study by Symantec Corp, 93% of organizations have had to execute their Disaster recovery plans and the average cost of implementing DR plans for each downtime incident is US$287,000. The medium cost in Canada is US$496,500. The average budget for disaster recovery initiatives worldwide is US$50 million.*

A true high availability solution will provide the redundancy needed to keep the applications and systems of the organization running in the event of a disaster. Quite simply, it is providing 100% availability to your critical information.

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*Source: Symantec Corp. Fifth annual Global IT Disaster Recovery survey, July 2009