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What type of support do you offer?

Every one of our providers is best-in-class in their respective fields. They all have excellent customer service departments and you can contact them directly in the event of an outage at the number provided to you by us when you became a client.
For anything sales or billing-related, you can contact us at 770-645-9965 and we’ll take care of the issue for you.

Why would I buy from you when I could buy directly from the carrier?

That is a great question. A direct representative of a company has no other agenda other than to push that particular offer upon the prospect. Our model is to look at various offers and find the best offer that fits the client need. Since we are not direct employees of the provider, we will give you their best pricing (almost always better than a direct representative’s) but also show you other options. It’s really a matter of looking out for the client interests above all else.

How do you get paid?

We are paid by the carrier for bringing business to them. Any initial consultation and analysis that we do is free of charge to our clients. When we are hired for consulting work, we charge an hourly fee that is established in advance.

What separates you from other companies?

I’d like to think that the 9 years we’ve been in business and kept the large majority of our clients in a highly-competitive industry would be testament to the level of service that we provide. Simply put, we offer the best possible pricing to each individual prospect and look to maintain a long-term relationship at lower margin. This benefits the prospect with cost savings and we gain a happy, committed client.