Business Continuity

Data Storage

Integrated Business Services is a value-added-reseller of the leading storage companies in the world, including IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, and Network Appliance. If you are looking for new or refurbished servers, we can provide this for you.

We also work with leading storage solution providers, such as Barracuda networks, to devise strategies for companies to keep their operations running.

Datacenter Services

Whether your company is an applications service provider needing multiple network connections or a small law office looking to back up operations, we can provide a solution that is tailored to meet your specific needs. No two companies are completely alike and neither are their datacenter needs.

Datacenters fall into 4 main categories:

1.     Network Access Providers-these are companies that provide a home to telecommunications and internet service providers and are a good option for companies needing high connectivity.

2.     Commercial Providers-these companies specialize in datacenter space and usually have facilities in larger markets, have a managed services offering, and are considered “carrier-neutral”. This means that they do not require a tenant to take bandwidth from them but the tenant has freedom of carrier choice.

3.     Telecom Providers-the telecom provider will offer datacenter space as an adjunct to their telecommunications offering. The downside is that the telecom provider is a single option for connectivity.

4.     Private Providers-this is a company that is looking to share space in their owned or leased facility or a different private management arrangement. Can be very advantageous for the right situation.
We have access to all of these types of providers for our clients and can provide the best choice for your company’s need. Contact us to discuss your situation.